E.A.S.Y. Alcohol Training
Alcohol Server Training and Education for Utah E.A.S.Y. permit

HomeAre you an employer and would you like to get all your employees certified to sell alcohol in Utah or other states?

Bar owners and bar managers can get their entire staff certified affordably from EASYAlcoholTraining.com through one of our Employer Accounts that enables you to purchase PSCC state-approved training courses.

Sign up for an employer account and have the ability to send your bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and servers through the online Utah EASY Training course or any other PSCC state approved Responsible Serving®  (Seller/Server Certification) Course for a discounted price!

Employers can monitor course progress by employees, archive/print employee certificates, and get new staff members certified as needed for $6.95 per person.  The cost for an employer package is normally a one-time setup fee of only $95.00 but we're waiving the setup fee for a limited time and you can sign up as an employer for free*!

*must order at least 10 certificates/tokens for your first order.

Visit us at Rserving.com to sign up for an Employer Account or any other PSCC state approved training course.

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