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Montana Department of Revenue Liquor Control Division Approved

Training Responsible alcohol sales and service training enhances public health and safety through the following actions:

  • Educating licensees and servers/sellers about Montana liquor laws
  • Providing information to servers/sellers to protect them from third party liability lawsuits
  • Reducing illegal alcohol sales to minors Montana Alcohol Server Education Online
  • Promoting responsible consumption
  • Reducing the number of drunk drivers 
  • Reducing alcohol abuse
  • Reducing overservice of alcohol to patrons

What the Student Learns Responsible alcohol sales and service training helps servers and sellers develop knowledge and skills that support responsible alcohol service. Classes cover the following topics:

Montana Alcohol Server certification course. MT Bartender License
  • Why training is important
  • Responsibility of servers and sellers
  • Effects of underage alcohol use
  • Effects of underage tobacco use
  • Hours of operation
  • Forms of liability
  • Reasonable effort
  • Developing company policy
  • How to identify minors
  • Acceptable forms of identification

Where do I take this course?
You can take this course by clicking the Enroll Now link. The course is only $19.95 and takes no more than 4 hours to complete. At the end of the course you will be able to print your state approved certificate.

Montana Alcohol Server training. MT Bartending License